Tonya Dunn

Wellness Director & Yoga Therapist

Serving Since: 2019
Phone Number: 970.657.2628

Tonya started teaching at the Club in 2019 as a Yoga Instructor. She came to love yoga through chronic back pain and debilitating anxiety. She began teaching yoga in 2006 with an emphasis on sports injury rehabilitation, stress relief and trauma recovery.

She has always been interested in natural solutions to health and wellness. From nutrition to exercise and mindfulness, she sees body, mind, and spirit interconnected for a healthy, whole and vibrant life. Additionally, she believes that in the balance of vigorous activity , purposeful rest and a balanced diet she is able to live her best life and set an example for her clients to live their best life!

She loves growing her own food, harvesting herbs and wildcrafting medicinal plants, and spending time in nature.