Mark Havens

Director of Food & Beverage

Serving Since: 2022
Phone Number: 970.657.2633

Born and raised in Fort Collins and the surrounding area, Mark began his restaurant career as a Soda Jerk at the much loved Swenson’s Ice Cream Parlor at the age of 15. This began a life long love of the industry that led him to work for Carnival Cruise Lines in Miami, build and open hotels, run live music venues, and help to create successful locally owned restaurants. A decade in Sonoma County wine country helped to instill the type of service he loves to provide: gracious and friendly.

Mark was a Paramedic for a number of years, but never stopped working in hospitality as it’s always been in his heart. In his free time, Mark enjoys boating on Horsetooth, taking care of his gardens and chickens, and traveling the world. Having explored Southeast Asia, the West Indies, and Europe, he has yet to make it further south than Panama in the America’s and hopes to makes the Andes his next trip. Living across Long Pond from the Club, you may just see him paddling to work on nice days!