Sarah Tighe

Banquet Manager & Pastry Chef

Serving Since: 2019
Phone Number: 970.657.2633

Sarah was born and raised in Monterey, California. She began her pastry career very early, working (on payroll!) for her parents at their full-service bakery at 11 years old. She worked the front counter of the bakery, and single handedly ran a busy famer’s market stand for the bakery every week. Sarah’s parents would drop her off at one market to set up and sell the items, while her parents traveled the neighboring towns to run other markets simultaneously.

No matter how many other careers Sarah has tried, she always goes back to the kitchen because it gives her the greatest sense of creativity and fulfillment. She has had various pastry jobs throughout her life, where she accumulated various skills. She has 19+ years of pastry experience so far, and still learns more every day. 

Sarah has two college degrees, a Bachelor’s in Hospitality Management from FSU, and a double-major Bachelor’s in Finance and Business Management from USF. She also earned a cosmetology license while living in Florida. She did not attend school for pastry, but learned, in her opinion, the best way, through experience and exposure early in life.

In addition to California, Sarah has lived in Florida, Hawaii, Trinidad and Tobago, France, and New York. She can speak English and French and is a big traveler, camper, foodie, biker, and adventurer. Sarah has lived in Colorado for almost seven years, and loves it here.