Lacey Gasaway

Lead Pilates Instructor

Serving Since: 2021
Phone Number: 913.575.7500

Lacey’s quest towards learning about the body began in high school after she fractured her spine in gymnastics. She started physical therapy and loved every minute of it. Lacey used Pilates to heal her back injury and has not had issues with it since. With her dance background, Pilates was a great method to help her stay strong and flexible without making her injury worse. 

Lacey began teaching fitness classes in college while she was studying for her bachelor’s in Kinesiology. She taught Pound fitness and Hip Hop dance at her university Rec center. At this time she began her training in Pilates. 

After college, she began working at the Parkinson’s Exercise And Wellness Center where she taught Pilates, dance, boxing, and more to people with Parkinson’s disease. She absolutely loved working with this community and it fueled her desire to learn even more about how the body works and moves. 

She loves Pilates because it teaches us to breathe, move with control, focus on our form, and it feels amazing! Lacey teaches with intuition, and truly wants to help her clients feel stronger and in control of their own body. She is so excited to bring her style, passion, and enthusiasm to the Fort Collins Country Club!