Kevin Ebert

Staff Professional

Serving Since: 2021
Phone Number: 970.482.1422

Kevin was born and raised in St. Louis, MO. The one thing he loves more than playing tennis is teaching/coaching this amazing sport.

“It is so rewarding to take a group of beginning 2.5 ladies and help them gain the confidence and skills to go out and compete, or to help a JV freshman realize their full potential and as a senior be able to watch them compete in the state championships.”

“My teaching philosophy is to always give my clients 100 percent of my emotional and physical energy. It’s my job to ensure that if you take a class or private from me that I will do everything in my power to deliver an experience that is always fun safe and educational.” Off the court, Kevin’s secret passion is cooking, and he loves to hike, bike and paddle with his wife and 2 boys.