Scott Clagett

Executive Chef

Serving Since: 2018
Phone Number: 970.657.2620

Scott Clagett grew up in Northern, VA right outside of Washington, DC. He took his first job at age 15 washing dishes at a local country club and fell in love with cooking soon after. His desire to learn about food drove him to Washington, DC where he worked for top restaurants like 1789 restaurant, DC Coast, and Gerards Place to begin his journey. These experiences led him to the prestigious Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, NY where he graduated with honors in 1996.

“My passion for cooking stems from watching my mom make old school American meals nearly every night and sitting down and eating as a family. I fell in love with the artistic expression of food and ultimately when I chose my career path I was looking for a job where I could go anywhere in the world and submerge myself in the culture and cuisine of the place while making a good living.” After school, this drive led Scott to run his first restaurant at the age of 22 in Naxos, Greece. It was his first cooking experience where picking herbs and vegetables was an everyday occurrence and the menu was completely dictated by the daily produce available in the markets and the fish and meat was dependent on what the fisherman caught that day or what the ranchers brought to the market that day. “You didn’t receive perfectly frenched lamb chops delivered to your kitchen door, you got a whole lamb dropped on your kitchen floor and you had to learn quickly how to put your
culinary skills to the test.” Scott spent a year in Greece and another three months travelling Europe and 6 months from Turkey down through Egypt. As well as more culinary journeys to SE Asia, The Caribbean and South America. Flavors and techniques from Clagett’s travels have greatly influence his cooking style and his ability to manage a multicultural kitchen environment. After returning to the States from having ran his own award-winning restaurant, Terra, on the Island of St. Maarten for four years, he returned to open Sobo American Bistro in Boulder. From their he oversaw a working farm restaurant at Gold Lake Mtn. Resort in the mountains with views of the continental divide. Soon after the Pacific Northwest called, and he dove into the business side of cooking and managing multiple restaurants as a corporate chef for Laurelwood Brewing Company which eventually led him to oversee multifaceted culinary operations at Intel corporation and Lewis and Clark College with Bon Appetit management company. Once again the mountains of Colorado called, and he found his home in Fort Collins. He hopes to be able to help the Club transition into the premier country club in Northern Colorado. “My focus to create delicious, innovative and expertly prepared cuisine from locally sourced, fresh, organic and sustainable ingredients found here in Colorado.” He enjoys the outdoors and all that the Rocky Mountains have to offer including camping, fly fishing, snowboarding and spending quality time with his wife and three sons.